D-Lab: Water, Climate Change, & Health

Recent extreme weather events show us some of the profound impacts of climate change on people, ecosystems, livelihood, and health. Because we are in a climate emergency, this course focuses on sharing with students the knowledge and skills that will allow us all to survive and thrive in the twenty-first century, with special emphasis on water and health. We need to mitigate climate change impacts and adapt to current and projected future conditions, at scales from local to global. A stable, livable future is possible, but we must act now.

In this class, we engage in weekly seminars, readings, videos, discussions, and student-led tutorials, plus two sessions of En-ROADS climate simulations investigating pathways towards meeting the IPCC 1.5-degree Celsius target. Field trip sites include Blue Hill Observatory, green infrastructure, and zero-carbon buildings. We host expert lectures in climate science, climate modelling, “One Health,” the global COVAX program, and climate justice. Working individually or in teams, students develop a term project working on a climate solution of their choice. What we care about are real solutions to preserve “all we can save.”

Course Information

Semester Offered
Spring (Offered since 2016)
Lecture Location
Lecture Times
Units (credit hours)
Class Size
20 Students
Course #
EC.719 / EC.789 (G)