Given the benefits that evaporative cooling devices can provide for post-harvest vegetable storage, why are they not more widely used? What can be done to increase the effective production, dissemination, and usage of this technology?

Following is a list of the five key areas identified by MIT D-Lab that need further development in order to optimize these technologies and dissemination approaches, and to build further evidence for the impact that could result:

  1. Performance and Design Research
  2. Suitability Scoping
  3. Scalable Dissemination
  4. User Behavior and Impact
  5. Community of practice

D-Lab is currently working in each of these areas through collaborations with partners in dry regions throughout Africa and South Asia. Read more about D-Lab's approach for research and dissemination of evaporative cooling technologies in a Next Billion blog.



Eric Verploegen, MIT D-Lab Research Engineer