Community of Practice

Installing a sensor on a pot-in-pot evaporative cooler.
Installing a sensor on a pot-in-pot evaporative cooler.
Creating a community of practice to share learnings and advance dissemination

As evidence is gathered about the most efficient designs for evaporative cooling devices, areas where they are most suitable are mapped, scalable dissemination approaches are identified, and the impacts of the technology are documented, a growing number of people across a wide geographic and professional range are working to increase the used of evaporative cooling for produce storage.

What is needed

One or more platforms or forums for key stakeholders (practitioners, enterprises, farming cooperatives, researchers, governments, and funders) to share learnings, raise awareness, and take action to advance the dissemination of these beneficial technologies.

Get involved!

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D-Lab's areas of work on evaporative cooling for vegetable preservation 


Eric Verploegen, MIT D-Lab Research Engineer