Creative Capacity Building Workshop held in Tsodilo Village, Botswana from 13th-25th January 2020

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This video documents the work of three MIT D-Lab: Development students, Amelia Seabold (‘21), Anna Johnson (‘22), Meghana Vemulapalli (‘22), their trip leader Leonie Marinovich, Thabiso Blak Mashaba of These Hands, GSSE, and the community of Tsodilo, Botswana during a Creative Capacity Building workshop in January 2020.

Together, they created five solutions to five problems community members were facing in their daily lives. Projects included:

  1. An easy-to-use plow that had an additional wheel in order to increase stability, as plowing is an important and time-consuming part of community members’ lives.
  2. An alternative energy source - charcoal briquettes made from agricultural waste - because community members want to avoid deforestation but need wood for cooking fires. Now, community members have a product to sell to tourists who are no longer allowed to cut down trees in the campsite.
  3. An elephant repellent project because elephants eat farmers’ crops and destroy sewage fixtures trying to drink water.
  4. A brick press, because people are trying to build houses and the current press, is not ergonomic.
  5. An oven because the community members want bread but it is only available through one organization.  


Libby Hsu, MIT D-Lab Lecturer and Academic Program Manager