NGO CSW66 Forum: Social Entrepreneurship at the Gender Equality and Climate Change Nexus

MEDA - Business Solutions to Poverty


As social entrepreneurs, women leaders are mitigating the local effects of climate change and enhancing social, environmental and economic resilience. This panel discussion, organized by MEDA will illustrate how women’s social entrepreneurship and innovation can help generate sustainable solutions to climate change, and what measures are needed to support them in these efforts. Panelists include:

Happy Amos, the founder and Managing Director of Roshan Renewable Technologies Ltd, the first woman-led company to provide affordable and locally made clean cooking and lighting products and services for households across Nigeria;

Yelfign Ayenew, Gender Specialist with MEDA’s EMERTA project in Ethiopia, who works to ensure women’s empowerment and gender equality in agricultural and gemstone value chains in the Amhara region;

Sylvia Herzog, Director of The Charcoal Project (TCP)  a US-based non-profit focused on finding solutions to unsustainable production and consumption of wood fuels around the world; and

Dr. Dan Sweeney, lead researcher and lecturer for the Biomass Fuels & Cookstoves Group at MIT D-Lab, who works with his team on manufacturing and product R&D with D-Lab community partners, including many women entrepreneurs, to study the climate, health and livelihood benefits of household energy technologies and behaviors in lab- and field-based research.

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MIT D-Lab Biomass Fuels and Cookstoves Group

Interview: Happy Amos, founder of Roshan Renewables in Nigeria, spends a month in residence at MIT D-Lab (November 2021)


Dan Sweeney, MIT D-Lab Lecturer and Biomass Fuels and Cookstoves research lead