Digital Design Fabrication Workshop: a collaboration of Faros, AB3D, MIT D-Lab, and UNHCR

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The Digital Design Fabrication Workshop (DDFW) was conducted for refugee youths in Athens, Greece between September 26th – October 9th. The overall objective of this workshop was to equip and enable the youths to gain knowledge, skills, and mindsets to build confidence, increase their sense of agency, and realize pathways through which they can improve their livelihoods now and in the future.

The workshop was the result of ongoing collaboration between the MIT D-Lab Humanitarian Innovation program and Faros, a non-profit organization that provides care and humanitarian support to unaccompanied refugee children and youth, as well as refugee families in Athens, Greece. This workshop additionally received support from and engaged personnel from AB3D, University of Ottowa, and was funded by UNHCR.

Organizers and implementers: Amy Smith (MIT D-Lab), Asif Obaidee (MIT D-Lab), Dan Biswas (Faros), Débora Leal (IDIN), Harry Fikas, Heewon Lee (IDIN), Justine Boudreau (University of Ottowa), Martha Thompson MIT D-Lab), Max Krüger (IDIN), Peter Kremmydas, Roy Ombatti (IDIN, AB3D, Kenya).