MIT D-Lab: Designing for a more equitable world

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This video was created on the occasion of D-Lab's 15th Anniversary Symposium and provides an overview of D-Lab's approach to international development.

Featuring Justin Carrus (D-Lab alumnus and current MIT graduate student); Dan Frey (D-Lab Faculty Research Director); Nadeem Mazen (D-Lab alumnus); Amy Smith (D-Lab Founding Director); Kofi Taha (D-Lab Associate Director); Emily Young (D-Lab alumna).

Video Footage Credits: "MIT D-Lab - South Africa Project” Michael Uys & U.S.-Africa Children’s Fellowship "The Lagos Chronicles - WeCyclers” - My Africa Is "Ali (Ghana): How I made money planting Moringa trees” - British Council International Development Innovation Network International Development Design Summit MIT School of Engineering MIT D-Lab Academics MIT D-Lab Research Okoa Project

Videography: Pulse Media