Interview with Amy Smith, MIT D-Lab Founding Director. Creative Capacity Building Training of Trainers, Brazil, 2019.

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The D-Lab Creative Capacity Building training was led by Amy Smith (MIT D-Lab), Alex Freese and Alejandra Villamil Mejía (Diversa), Ta Corrales Sanchez (D-Lab, Oaxin, Smith Assembly), and Oda Scatolini (Invento Institute). 

There were attendees from seven countries (Costa Rica Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, and the US). Oda has since built an innovation center, and continued doing trainings. When COVID hit, they became blended trainings — part virtual, part in person.

The maker of the video is José Trinidad Cruz López, a member of OAXIN, and a Triqui indigenous leader who was trained as a trainer at this event!