Aditya Mehrotra

Instructor, Mobiles of Development

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Pronouns: he/him


Adi stumbled into the D-Lab: Development class in the middle of his third year of undergrad at MIT, and he simply never left. He worked with his friends on an agriculture mechanization project in Colombia, and then ended up in Ghana working on low-cost ambulances for D-Lab spinout Moving Health the summer after he graduated. Now he’s an instructor for Mobiles for Development, a class focused on exploring the potential uses of up-cycled electronic devices in the South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Adi is now a graduate student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering Department here at MIT, and his research combines precision machine design and mechatronics to solve problems related to the energy crisis. He’s currently working on exploring the concept of swappable batteries for electric vehicles, and is back working with Moving Health to explore electrification of vehicles in a developing context. He’s also working on design methodologies and energy management systems for hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles. He loves teaching, and some of his research is in the area of engineering education as well.

On the side, Adi loves film and photography, building nonsensical and impractical things, and riding around on his motorcycle. He hopes you’ll join him for an adventure sometime!

Photo: Gretchen Ertl