Handbook for Biomass Cookstove Research, Design and Development

PDF icon Handbook for Biomass Cookstove Research, Design and Development (2017, 56 pages)


Biomass cookstove design has been an active field for decades and has resulted in much progress toward cleaner, and more efficient cookstoves. However, it has been an ongoing challenge to develop high-performing, high-quality products that also satisfy user preferences and are affordable.

This can be attributed to several factors:

  • Design features that improve performance can come with higher costs or require specific
  • cooking practices
  • Assumption that cookstoves with higher performance must require higher costs, which
  • limits enterprises from considering new designs
  • Lessons from research and development (R&D) groups have not been well disseminated
  • to enterprises producing stoves
  • Enterprises have expressed interest in improving their technologies, but have limited expertise and resources for R&D

This handbook presents insights and methodologies from recent R&D programs at multiple institutions to achieve higher performance, lower cost, and improved usability. This handbook will help cookstove designers and enterprises to integrate the latest R&D innovations into their
products and support further innovation.

Burning fuel and cooking are complicated and this handbook is meant to stimulate curiosity. We refer readers to the references (Table 1 on page 4) to more fully understand how these innovations can be incorporated into their products. 


Dan Sweeney, Research Engineer