Founding Director; Senior Lecturer Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Director for Research; Prof of Mechanical Engineering
Executive Director, Instructor (Smallholder Agriculture)
Faculty Academic Director; Instructor (Design for Scale); Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Systems
Associate Director
Administrative Officer
Program Director
Associate Director for Research
Communications Administrator
Instructor (D-Lab: Design)
Instructor (Design for Scale)
Visiting Scholar
Lecturer, Media Arts & Sciences; Instructor (Development Ventures)
Atlas Corps Fellow, MIT Practical Impact Alliance
Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Manager
Guest Lecturer (D-Lab: WASH + ENV)
Research Affiliate, change:WATER Labs
Practical Impact Alliance Manager
Lead Research Scientist, Mobile Technology Lab
Instructor (D-Lab: Energy)
Instructor (Design for Scale)
Instructor, D-Lab: Supply Chains; Professor of Management, MIT Sloan School of Management
Guest Lecturer (D-Lab: Water, Climate Change, and Health)
Research Associate
Development Officer
Research Scientist, Local Innovation and Development
Education Coordinator, Instructor (D-Lab: Development, D-Lab: Energy)
Research Technical Specialist
Research Affiliate, SurgiBox
Senior Program Associate
Inclusive Economies Specialist; Instructor (D-Lab: Gender, D-Lab: New Economies)
New Partnerships & Initiatives Officer
Research Affiliate
Lecturer (D-Lab: WASH, D-Lab: Water, Climate Change and Health)
Instructor (D-Lab: Gender, D-Lab: New Economies)
Instructor (D-Lab: Education & Learning)
Instructor (D-Lab: Schools); Professor of Architecture; Director, Building Technology Group
Financial Officer
Postdoctoral Researcher
Instructor (Development Ventures); Professor of Media Arts and Sciences; Director, Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program
Instructor (Design for Scale)
Research Affiliate (Fulbright Fellow, Colombia)
Social Entrepreneurship Manager
Innovation Ecosystems Manager
Instructor (D-Lab: Development); Professor, MIT DUSP; Director, CITE
Instructor (D-Lab: Water, Climate Change, and Health)
Research Affiliate, Biomass Fuel & Cookstoves
Research Scientist, Biomass Fuel & Cookstoves
Instructor (Humanitarian Innovation)
Off-Grid Energy Specialist
Global Trainings Manager
Workshop Manager