Ana Pantelic

Executive Director

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Ana Pantelic joined MIT D-Lab as Executive Director in the summer of 2021. A social impact leader originally from Serbia, Ana has worked at the confluence of systems change and social innovation in Latin America, Africa, and the Balkans for more than a decade.

Prior to joining D-Lab, she was based in Uganda, working with UNICEF as the interim Chief of Social Policy and Social Policy Manager. Advocating for greater fiscal allocations to the social sector, she worked with the government to launch the country’s first urban social protection program for adolescent girls. Prior to that, she was the Chief Strategy Officer of the international social enterprise Fundación Capital, where she founded LISTA, an award-winning digital solution proven to improve the financial health of nearly a million low-income people across a dozen countries.

A practitioner, researcher, and entrepreneur fluent in three languages, Ana has shared her insights at conferences in more than 20 countries and authored several publications. She holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Belgrade, as well as an MA in International Relations and BS in Communication, both from Boston University.

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