Fernanda Bombardi

2018 Innovation Ecosystem Builder Fellow

Corporate Citizenship Institute, Executive Manager


Fernanda Bombardi is a 2018 MIT D-Lab Innovation Ecosystem Builder Fellow.

Working at ICE (Entrepreneurial Citizenship Institute) since 2006, she has idealized, implemented and coordinated the Pajiroba Project - focused on income generation and family agriculture in the Amazon - until 2009. In 2010, she assumed the executive management of the Institute and is co-responsible for the organization's strategy in the area of social finance and impact business, team management, budget, institutional communication and governance strategies.

She is currently focused on two initiatives: a capacity-building program to train incubators and accelerators to support impact businesses, and an initiative sponsored by the Inter-American Development Bank to provide seed finance to early-stage social startups and the incubators and accelerators who support them.

Fernanda is the chairwoman of the board of ANDE in Brazil. She is also the volunteer director of Projeto Casulo, an NGO that works in the slums of Real Parque and Jardim Panorama, whose mission is to contribute to the development of young people as changemakers in their own reality.