Amit Gandhi

Co-Founder, Sensen; MIT D-Lab Affiliate


Amit Gandhi graduated from Mechanical Engineering at the California Institute of Technology and is now a PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering at MIT. He has been an organizer and participant in IDDS since 2007, where he worked on a BioLight project (using microbial fuel cells for powering applications in the developing world), a hand held diagnostic tool (to help facilitate DNA extraction from blood from patients), a machine for making recycled plastic products from used water sachets in Ghana, and a social venture to upcycle used plastic bottles into solar water heaters in Brazil. In addition to IDDS, Amit is also developing a solar water distiller for use in Guatemala through funding from the World Water Forum.

He is co-founder of Sensen, an affordable plug and play solution for remote data collection. Sensen is a regular collaborator with D-Lab research teams. Amit previously co-taught D-Lab's academic offerings in energy topics.