Andre Wongtschowski

2018 Innovation Ecosystem Builder Fellow

World-Transforming Technologies, Head of Operations


Andre Wongtschowski is a 2018 MIT D-Lab Innovation Ecosystem Builder Fellow.

Andre is the Head of Operations at World-Transforming Technologies (WTT), a non-profit foundation dedicated to connecting innovators and technology developers with opportunities for social, environmental and economic impact. Through his work at WTT Andre accelerates the development of disruptive innovations aimed at solving large-scale social and environmental challenges, and creates room for experimenting with technological, social and business-model innovations in real-world contexts where they can have a positive impact.

Before joining WTT Andre worked extensively at the private and social sectors, including seven years at Unilever in various positions in Brazil, Colombia and England, and three years in the financial sector. Andre holds a degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in Development Administration and Planning.

He lives in São Paulo and dedicates his free time to gardening, yoga and playing with his four-year-old daughter.