Hitting the ground running in Brazil!

With a relatively easy journey, (albeit a very long second half from Detroit to Sao Paulo) we finally made it to Sorocaba! After a few charming introductions and a quick lunch, we split into our respective project groups and went to look at the community that we'll be working with. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but the teams seem to be smoothly integrating so the future looks bright. In the next couple of days, we'll oil those cogs that may have gotten a little rusty in the rain of holiday joy and we'll get to defining the specific problems to focus on and designing possible solutions. Tomorrow ought to be an exciting day with a community forum where we will be able to get a better sense of the dynamics of the different community pockets.

Now, with the sun set and the rain continuing to drizzle, most of us have showered and are slowly tucking in for what will be, in all likelihood, a very deep sleep. The rest of us are learning how to bluff in different languages. Internet is a precious commodity though, and I type with borrowed time. So good night!!

 With slightly heavy eyelids and a tangible excitement,

 Amelia (On behalf of the D-Lab Brazil Team: Amit, Karine, Seema, and Pamela)