D-Lab Fall Student Showcase & Open House 2017

Final presentations & working prototypes from current D-Lab students - Friday, December 8, 5:00-7:00 pm - D-Lab, MIT N51 3rd floor (350)

WHAT: Final presentations & working prototypes from current D-Lab students
WHEN: Friday, December 8th from 5:00 to 7:00 pm 
WHERE: At D-Lab, MIT N51-3rd Floor

D-Lab: Development

Instructor - Libby Hsu. TA - Johanna Greenspan-Johnston

1. Botswana Team: Asli Demir, Danielle Gleason, Rianna Jitosho, Caroline Jordan, Szabolcs Kiss, Veronica LaBelle — These Hands

2. Colombia Team: Vibha Agarwal, Gabriela Barrera, Elisabeth Boles, Milani Chatterji-Len, Scott McCuen, Emma Rutkowski, Jacqueline Shen, Nikita Waghani, Franklin Zhang — C-Innova

3. Guatemala Team: Ghada Amer, Julia Cha, Cayanne Chachati, Natalie Nicolas, Neha Rajbhandary, Tchelet Segev — Link4, Universidad del Valle Guatemala

4. India & Nepal Team: Anselmo Cassiano Alves, Viban Gonzales, Nihil Kunapuli, James Li, Jennifer Lu, Lucy Milde, Ellie Simonson, Adam Zhao — JWAFS/MIT Mechancial Engineering/MIT D-Lab

5. Kenya Team: Asia Chapman, Valerie Richmond, Alexandra Shade, Srimayi Tenali, Kimberly Villalobos Carballo — BrightGreen Renewable Energy, Foondi

6. Uganda Team: Hannah Diehl, Yu-Na Lee, Lauren Luo, Zilpa Oduor, Amanda Wu — TEWDI Uganda, Makarere University

D-Lab: Gender & Development

Instructors - Libby McDonald & Kate Mytty

1. Climate change adaptation with farmers: Juliana Miranda Mitkiewicz, Olivia Mae Waring, Thea Louis, Janel Mendoza  —  Fundacion Entre Mujeres & Universide de Central America, Nicaragua

2. Inclusive financial tools with wastepickers: Sruthi Davuluri, Raeesa Rane, Aimee Veneau, Elsa Kudzi, Karrisha Gillespie, Madhur Wale, Kate Pundyk  —  Wastepicker Community, Danone, & Asheshi University, Ghana

D-Lab: Schools

Instructor - Les Norford

1. Net-zero energy school - improvement to the design and operation of urban primary schools in Southeast Asia to enhance thermal comfort while minimizing energy demand and building materials: Abigail Anderson, Hellen Awino, Ciera Gordon, Eryn Halvey, Marco Rosero, Marcas Smith, Illili Tegene, Eric Wong — UC Berkeley, Nat. University of Singapore

D-Lab: Supply Chains

Instuctor - Stephen Graves

1. Supply chain, operating processes, and work schedules for a burrito stand: Daysi Gomez, Veronica Jardon, Camille Stubb — Bluefields Community, Nicaragua

2. Examination and evaluation of options for scaling jewelry business: Hind Saleh, Jacqueline Simmons, Madelena Collins — Soko, Kenya

3. Analysis tool to help inform inventory control decisions: Rachel Burns, Amy Liu, Pragadeesh Meenakumar — Selco, India

4. Map and assessment of the fuel supply chains for Ungandan refugee settlements: Julia Wong, Fabiano da Silva Rocha, Anubhav Arora — UNHCR, Uganda

5. Market entry strategy for protein products to be created from press meal: Jen McDermott, Khanh-An Vu, Laura Diggans, Tal Gilad — MoringaConnect, Ghana

D-Lab: WASH + ENV 

Instuctors - Susan Murcott & Kate Cincotta

1. N-Nitrosamine measurement & modeling: Abby Harvey, Tchelet Segev — Puerto Rico

2. Sanitation Monster: design and prototype of a feces to energy module: Hannah Hoffman, Islam Genina, Andrew Tsang — Location TBA

3. WASH insfrastructure and gender in rural Uganda: Christin Smyrilli — Uganda

4. Design of a low-cost rainwater harvesting system: Else Schlerman & Hiromi Hashimoto — Kenya

5. Review of arsenic remediation technologies for low-income communities: Prakriti Sardana — Global

6. Irrigation/water supply project in Tanzania (w/ MIT Engineers Without Borders): Johan Arango — Tanzania

7. Raingarden capture and treatment using salt-tolerant native plants: Nicole Zhao — Paramecium Pond, Wellesley College

8. WASH Behavior change: Yuxi Xia, Wahito Njau — Saha Global, Ghana

9. Throwback Weather App - Interactive Infographic that presents data of the climate of Boston/World in the last 60 years comparing with the present days.Location World:  Anselmo Cassiano, Research Affiliate — Global

Design for Scale

Instructors - Kate Bergeron, Harald Quintus-Bosz, & Sorin Grama. TA - Cheetiri Smith

1. Improvements to agricultural processes and irrigation: Hesper Alkestrup, Jacob Bindman, Shilpa Naik, Jana Saadi — Kethworks, India

2. A shock pylon design for trans-femoral amputees in India: Ali Abdalla, Alexandra Flaherty, Shelby Stack — Shock Pylon, India

3. Low-cost, waterless toilet for non-sewered households globally: Tyler Ashoff, Emmanuel Azuh, Wendy Bae, Ellie Simonson — change:WATER Labs, Global 

4. Xylem Water Filter: Ivy Chang, Pragadeesh Meenakumar, Caroline Morris, Riddhi Shah — JWAFS/MIT MechE/MIT D-Lab, India

To kick things off, D-Lab instructors gave brief overviews of their classes. Attendees then had the opportunity to speak with student teams and view all the working prototypes on display throughout the D-Lab space.