D-Lab Energy is safe and sound in Nicaragua

Our entire team is now in Nicaragua's capital city, Managua, all so excited to be here.

Tomorrow, the four of us headed to blueEnergy will wake at 3:30, hop on a six hour bus ride across the country, followed by a 2 hour panga, or small boat, ride from El Rama to Bluefields, where blueEnergy works.  We'll spend most of our time in Bluefields, but will also visit one of their sites in Khakabila.

A group of five will wake at the much more reasonable hour of 4:00 am to hop on a 3 hour bus ride to Totogalpa, the field site of Grupo Fenix.  This group gets to go swimming at a beautiful laguna tomorrow, and then the work begins, teaching charcoal-making as an alternative to cooking with wood , which is growing ever scarcer in this country.

Another group of four will head to El Roblar with AsoFenix, where they'll be looking specifically at water pumping and biodigesters.

Finally, the group working with CARE Nicaragua will have a meeting tomorrow with them in Managua, and then head to the field on Monday, near Sebaco.

While each trip leader has a cell phone for any emergencies, we don't expect to be in contact with each other until we reconvene in Managua on Friday, when we'll have a dinner to discuss and reflect on all of our experiences.

Time for bed ... I have to be up muy temprano mañana.