D-Lab Spring Student Showcase 2019: May 3, 5 pm

D-Lab: Design students and SurgiBox's Stephen Okajima (left) with the poster and project the students prepared.
D-Lab: Design students and SurgiBox's Stephen Okajima (left) with the poster and project the students prepared.

Friday, May 3, 5:00-7:00 pm - D-Lab, MIT N51 3rd floor

Students from the eight Spring 2019 MIT D-Lab classes and an independent project presented posters and prototypes developed during the semester. Project teams were available for questions and feedback from other teams of D-Lab students as well as from guests!

The evening kicked off with a brief welcome and overview from Academic Program Manager Libby Hsu.

D-Lab: Design 

Addresses problems faced by underserved communities with a focus on design, experimentation, and prototyping processes. Instructors: Jerome Arul & Sorin Grama

BENIN: Green Keeper       

  • Partner: Green Keeper
  • Students: Riley Ennis, Kedi Hu, Rachel O'Grady, John Michael Reyes, Max Drake

INDIA: Graviky       

  • Partner: Graviky
  • Students: Leah Pettit, Mary Dahl, Varsha Sridhar, Wendy Wang, Christopher Kiel

INDIA: LoadLifter       

  • Partner: LoadLifter
  • Students: Hamilton Forsythe, Gabriel Scimeme, Kiara Wahnschafft, Aiden Foucault Etheridge, Shweta Aprameya (Listener)

GLOBAL: SurgiBbox       

  • Partner: SurgiBox
  • Students: Sandra Walter, Emily Larabee, Brittany Sacks, Vanessa YiRan Li


  • Partner: Prothesia
  • Students: Isabella Chiurillo, Naomi Dereje, Alexandra Shade, Chris Sacha, Luisa Apolaya

UGANDA: Raising Gabdho        "

  • Partner: Raising Gabdho 
  • Students: Peter Sudermann, Nathan Hernandez, Olivia Yao, Phoebe Piercy

D-Lab: Education & Learning 

Explores learning in the international development context and how innovative approaches and researched best practices can overcome challenges such as limited resources, language barriers, large class sizes, and entrenched pedagogy. Instructor: Lisa Nam

COLOMBIA: Business Basics for Coffee Farmers       

  • Partner: De Finca
  • Students: Pilar Cuesta, Jazib Zahir, Anna Wan, Vida Solorio-Fielder

GHANA: Teacher's Guide for Kinesthetic STEM Learning       

THAILAND: Engineering and Sustainability for Rural Thai Youth       

D-Lab: Field Research

Combines hands-on practice in a variety of essential skills needed to conduct quality field research with exploration of a set of questions that challenge practitioners, donors, policymakers, and researchers in international development. Instructor: Elizabeth Hoffecker

KENYA: Give Directly       

SRI LANKA: Samurdhi Community Growth Program       

  • Student: Varsha Sridhar

RWANDA: Seven United        

GHANA: PEN (Practical Education Network)       

D-Lab: Inclusive Economies

Explores the ideas behind, and actions toward, alternative economic systems aimed at reclaiming the power to control and build inclusive local and regional economies; secure rights to food, water, land, and healthy environments; build resilience; restore value systems; and ultimately improve quality of life. Instructors: Libby McDonald, Kate Mytty, Joost Bonsen

BRAZIL: Mapping Wastes Pickers in Sao Paulo       

GHANA: NeXT: A transformational social venture incubator

NICARAGUA: Adapting to Climate Change and Improving Livelihoods for Smallholder Coffee Farmers       

Introduction to Energy in Global Development

Offers a hands-on, project-based approach that engages students in understanding and addressing the applications of alternative energy technology in developing countries where compact, robust, low-cost systems for generating power are required. Instructors: Amit Gandhi, Dan Sweeney, Anish Paul Antony, Eric Verploegen

NEPAL & INDIA: Himalayan homes    

UGANDA: Cookstove liners   

UGANDA & INDIA: Air filtration    

D-Lab: Smallholder Agriculture

Explores the scientific basis and environmental impacts of agriculture, the dynamics of smallholder farming, social, and business systems, and the experiences of farmers themselves. Instructors: Gwyn Jones & Bob Nanes

TANZANIA: Avocado oil preservation       

  • Students: Natalie Northrup, Robert Powell, Vivian Zhong

MOROCCO: Drip irrigation in Morocco       

  • Student: Kenza M'Haimdat

KENYA: Kijani Demo Farm       

  • Students: Ngina Kariuki, Avril Kenney, Jordan Browne

US: Mapping Agriculture at MIT       

  • Student: Peter Orler

NEPAL: Low cost greenhouses        

  • Student: Matthew Baldwin

D-Lab: Water Climate Change & Health

By 2025, more than half of the countries in the world could be experiencing water stress or scarcity. Water stress and scarcity are exacerbated by climate change. This class is about real-world answers to climate change as it relates to water. Instructors: Susan Murcott & Julie Simpson

    NEPAL: Educational Materials for E.coli Test Kit in Nepal     

    • Partner: EpoConcern
    • Student: Riwaj Thapaliya

    POLAND: Planet Warrior  

    • Partner: N/A
    • Student: Alex Kozera

    NEW ENGLAND, US: Seabin in New England   

    US: Pop-up Green Infractructure  

    20 COUNTRIES: 1001 Stories on Water and Climate Change    

    • Partners: Anna Chung, Samia Bouzid
    • Students: Devi Lockwood and Jeff DelViscio

    Humanitarian Innovation: Design for Relief, Recovery, and Rebuilding 

    Explores the role innovation can and does play in how humanitarian aid is provided, and how it can change people, products, and processes. Instructors: Amy Smith & Martha Thompson

    Four groups of students are organized around different conflicts - Mali, Uganda/South Sudan, Syria/Greece, Bangladesh/Rohingya and Yemen. Each conflict group will set up a display with a poster that includes:

    • background about the humanitarian setting
    • an updated stakeholder map
    • background information on a design for a lighting project for the camp


    • Students: Roohi Abdullah, Ashley Beckwith, Mariam Dogar, Kimaya Lecamwasam, Afeefah Khazi-Syed


    • Students: Sally Beiruti, Dana Dabbousi, Riley Ennis, Flora Klise


    • Students: Fidelia Gaba, Shruthi Venkata, Sandra Walter


    • Students: Hanna Kherzai, Megan Ochalek


    • Students: Faran Haider, Tooba Shahid

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