Ideas and Dance

Last Tuesday, students learned about concept generation. We talked about the different ways they are inspired to come up with ideas, from last minute pressure to using play as a technique. I gave the students some basic rules for group brainstorming, and then let them have some time in class to discuss their research topics using the group brainstorming. Some of the groups quickly learned that brainstorming was leading to many more questions, that they needed to research after today's session.

The second half of the class was spent on a different kind of idea generation. Alice Hunter from Oneon Dance Theatre, came to teach the students about dance and choreography. One of the key aspects of this lesson, was that you don't have to have any experience to move and dance. By the end of an hour, students had paired off and created a short dance sequence they shared with everyone else. I was amazed at how easy Alice made it for everyone to just start dancing.