D-Lab 15th Anniversary Symposium & Community Day! October 20 and 21, 2017!

D-Lab is turning 15! And we're celebrating our academic, research, and global programs with a full-day symposium and a fun-filled community day!

D-Lab 15th Anniversary Symposium

Friday, Oct. 20, 10 am-7 pm
Little Kresge Theater, MIT

  • Keynote by D-Lab Founding Director Amy Smith
  • Introduction by MIT Vice Chancelor Ian Waitz
  • Talks by students, alumni, researchers, & community partners
  • Panel discussions
  • Product and technology showcase
  • Lunch and reception following keynote

D-Lab Community Day

Saturday, Oct. 21, 12 pm-4 pm
Kresge Barbecue Pits & D-Lab MIT N51 3rd floor

  • D-Lab Charcoal burn
  • D-Lab "Olympics"
  • Picnic
  • D-Lab Tour
  • Hands-on activities!

Celebrate some of these amazing programs with us:

D-Lab Academics: 24 MIT courses developed.
D-Lab Alumni: Over 1,800 alumni of D-Lab courses!
D-Lab Scale-Ups Fellowship: 33 social entrerpeneur fellows funded working on four continents.
D-Lab Research: Six research groups including Biomass Fuels and Cookstoves, Off-Grid Energy, Mobile Technology, Local Innovation, Agriculture & Water, and Mobility.
International Development Design Summits: 22 summits, nearly 900 innovators from more than 60 countries, who have produced more than 100 innovations!
International Innovation Centers: 20 affiliated innovation centers in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.
International Development Innovation Network: A five-year program supporting international summits and innovators alike.
Humanitarian Innovation: Training refugees in design and bringing refugees, internally displace people, engineers, and designers together for co-creation.
Practical Impact Alliance: A unique kind of industry consortium - world-leading organizations teamed up to develop and scale technology and business solutions to global poverty.
Creative Capacity Building: The methodology at the core of D-Lab's approach to international development at MIT and in the field.