Organic waste is a huge problem in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. GrubCycle aims to create a market for recycling organic waste by turning it into a value-added product. GrubCycle uses black soldier fly larvae to digest up to 50 percent of the organic waste. Once the larvae metamorphosize into prepupae, they are self-selecting. This means they will climb out of the feeding bin onto a dry surface where they can then be harvested. This harvest of prepupae is then sold to local vendors who process them as a source of protein in animal feed. The final product is a self-housed, integrated, low-tech system that allows the flies to breed and have a constant source of food, in other words, sustainably complete the full "grub cycle."

GrubCycle's social business model allows individuals to invest in the system as a small business venture to generate personal income.

With its yield-optimizing design and sustainable business model, GrubCycle applies a naturally robust biological processing system to address the massive problem of organic waste management in urban slums in Nairobi and across the world!