Honduras: Improving Agricultural Processing

Buenas noches!
Three days ago we visited El Benque, another one of the communities we will be working with. It's a very agricultural and rural commmunity, so we will be trying to help improve their agricultural processing by providing them with the tools to build solar dryers and corn shellers. This community is very remote and hard to get to, but one of the missions of la Fundación is to help the villages that no others are willing to help.
We're spending our last night in Tocoa, where la Fundación is located. Tomorrow, we will be heading to Miramontes, a Garifune community near the coast, where we will be working more on the yuca mill. We've decided to build two yuca mills for the cooperative there: our manual/motor yuca mill is almost complete but we still have a lot of work to do on our pedal-powered one. We will remain there until Thursday and then head back to Tocoa, but our plans are constantly changing. 
Our trip has consisted of lots of hard work, but we've had our share of fun as well :) Yesterday Juana, the President of La Fundacion, invited us to a BBQ at her house, where we got to see how Hondurans party. Today we discovered the joys of doing our laundry by hand AKA our clothes are probably dirtier than before we washed them XP.
Everyone is healthy and well, but we miss you all! And Miho's turning 20 tomorrow in Miramontes!!!
Hasta luego,
Chelsie, Nina, and Miho