Founding Director; Senior Lecturer Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Director for Research; Prof of Mechanical Engineering
Executive Director, Instructor (Smallholder Agriculture)
Faculty Academic Director; Instructor (Design for Scale); Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Systems
Associate Director
Administrative Officer
Program Director
Development Officer
Associate Director for Research
Innovation Ecosystems
Communications Administrator
Instructor (Design for Scale)
Visiting Scholar
Lecturer, Media Arts & Sciences; Instructor (Development Ventures)
Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning
Guest Lecturer (D-Lab: WASH + ENV)
Research Affiliate, change:WATER Labs
Lead Research Scientist, Mobile Technology Lab
Instructor (D-Lab: Energy)
Instructor (Design for Scale)
Instructor, D-Lab: Supply Chains; Professor of Management, MIT Sloan School of Management
Guest Lecturer (D-Lab: Water, Climate Change, and Health)
Research Associate
Education Coordinator, Instructor (D-Lab: Development, D-Lab: Energy)
Research Technical Specialist
Program Associate
Research Affiliate, SurgiBox
Program Associate
Instructor (D-Lab: Gender, D-Lab: New Economies)
New Partnerships & Initiatives
Research Affiliate
Lecturer (D-Lab: WASH, D-Lab: Water, Climate Change and Health)
Instructor (D-Lab: Gender, D-Lab: New Economies)
Instructor (D-Lab: Education & Learning)
Instructor (D-Lab: Schools); Professor of Architecture; Director, Building Technology Group
Financial Administrator
Postdoctoral Researcher
Instructor (Development Ventures); Professor of Media Arts and Sciences; Director, Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program
Instructor (Design for Scale)
Instructor (D-Lab: Developing World Prosthetics)
Research Affiliate (Fulbright Fellow, Colombia)
Social Entrepreneurship
Instructor (D-Lab: Development); Professor, MIT DUSP; Director, CITE
Instructor (D-Lab: Water, Climate Change, and Health)
Research Affiliate, Biomass Fuel & Cookstoves
Research Scientist, Biomass Fuel & Cookstoves
Instructor (Humanitarian Innovation)
Off-Grid Energy Specialist
Trainings & Convenings
Workshop Manager