Matthew McCambridge

MIT D-Lab Affiliate

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Preferred pronouns: He, him


Matt McCambridge is a freelance technical consultant and cofounder of  Fluent Metal Inc. in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Prior to cofounding Fluent Metal, he led a research and development team at Desktop Metal. Earlier in his engineering career, employed by Handicap International and Whirlwind Wheelchair, Matt spent 10 years designing and manufacturing wheelchairs for use in low-resourced settings, collaborating closely with  Shonaquip, Kien Tuong, CE Mobility, DEKA R&D Corp, and other private sector partners.  

Matt is also a former MIT D-Lab staff member who taught D-Lab: Design, Design for Scale, D-Lab: Mobility, and D-Lab: Prosthetics while also engaging with D-Lab research in the mobility sector, and leading the design of a deep-sand wheelchair at an International Development Design Summit in Botswana. Currently, Matt provides support to D-Lab instructors and mentorship to student teams regarding functional prototyping, design for manufacturability, and local small-volume manufacturing vs mass-production.