Video! Pedal-powered innovation from rural Guatemala: A conversation with Bici-Tec founder Carlos Marroquin

Bikes Not Bombs

Hear Carlos Marroquin, founder of the social enterprise Bici-Tec, talk about his innovative work with bicimaquinas! Bici­-Tec invents, teaches about, and manufactures machines that use the simple mechanism of pedal power to fuel agricultural machines such as water pumps, coffee de­pulpers and more. Carlos has spent the last 20 years innovating pedal powered machines making significant contributions to the global development of this technology.

He has taught workshops and spoken about bicimaquinas extenisvely throughout North and South America, and Bikes Not Bombs, MIT D-Lab, and MIT Museum are excited to host! Carlos will talk about the context and challenges facing rural Guatemalan farmers, share his experiences addressing these challenges through pedal power machines, and how the School of Appropriate Bici­-Technology is building a global network of pedal powered innovators.

School of Appropriate Bici-Technology graduate Dave Boudreau and MIT D-Lab instructor Kate Mytty also speak about their experiences with pedal-powered machines, working with Carlos, and how their knowledge in appropriate technology has shaped their career paths.

Link to video.