D-Lab Fall Student Showcase 2019! December 6, 5 pm

Scene from the Spring 2019 D-Lab Student Showcase.
Scene from the Spring 2019 D-Lab Student Showcase.

Final presentations & working prototypes from current D-Lab students

  • One hundred eleven students

  • 27 projects

  • 14 countries: Botswana, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Rwanda, Uganda, USA

Friday, December 6th from 5:00 to 7:00 pm - At D-Lab, MIT N51-3rd Floor

Attendees had the opportunity to speak with student teams and view all the posters and working prototypes on display throughout the D-Lab space! Student projects were presented from the following classes:

D-Lab: Development

Instructors - Libby Hsu & Bish Sanyal


  • Partner: These Hands
  • Students: Anna Johnson, Christopher Kiel, Julia Milton, Amelia Seabold, Meghana Vemulapalli, Katherine Xiong


  • Partner: Anjos do Sertao
  • Students: Muskaan Aggarwal, Yuji Chan, Rhea Mehta, Sarah Moseson, Simran Pabla, Clarice Tan


  • Partner: C-Innova
  • Students: Ahmad Mujtaba Jebran, Sridevi Kaza, Pedro La Rotta, Haniya Shareef, Cindy Si, Amanda Wasserman, Athena Zhang



  • Partner: Oaxin, Tejiendo Alianzas
  • Students: Abigael Bamepoeye, Yu Jing Chen, Mulan Jiang, Chiaki Kirby, Olivia McGrath, Julianna Rodriguez

UGANDA: Youth STEM workshops with Makerere University and TEWDI in Soroti. Product development for Auntie Betty's chili powder.

Applications of Energy in Global Development (D-Lab: Energy II)

Instructors - Julia Heyman, Anish Paul Antony, Eric Verploegen

KENYA: Improving the design of room-scale evaporative cooling chambers.

UGANDAˆDesigning a heat exchanger to help with non-solar fruit drying.

  • Partner: TEWDI Uganda
  • Students: Arnav Y. Patel, Lucy Jackson, Caroline G. Boone

D-Lab: Gender & Development

Instructors - Sally Haslanger & Libby McDonald

KENYA: Workshops on menstrual health and co-design of sanitary napkins

  • Partner: Society Empowerment Project
  • Students: Yasmin Afifi, Carolyn Lam, Nikita Jindal, Alanna Uthgennant, Deepa Manjanatha, Cynthia Ni, Julia Camilli, I Made Subagiarta

PERU: Movement building workshop with women miners in Secocha that weaves together public narrative and co-design

D-Lab: Schools - Building Technology Laboratory

Instructor - Les Norford

EGYPT: Evaluation of strategies to reduce energy and carbon emissions and improve visual and thermal comfort in the Magdi Yacoub School

  • Partner: Mansoura University
  • Students: Nina Huttemann, Ji Min Lee, Victoria Lopez Cabeza, Sunghwan Lim, Jinqiao Meng, Herbert Nuwagaba, Bryan Ong, Vanessa Pipitone, Nicole Teichner, Mirah Xu and Ilia Yazdanpanah,Yesufu O'ladipo (TA)

D-Lab: Supply Chains

Instructor - Stephen Graves

COLOMBIA: TRES - Evaluation of demand for urban transit that could be served by pedicabs

  • Partner:
  • Students: Jairo Rodriguez-Tovar, Wei-Ching Lin

INDIA: Design of supply chain for household fan

INDIA: Supply chain evaluation of deployment of chilling stations for collecting milk from farmers

INDIA: Supply chain coordination:  modeling and optimization of supply chain for components supplied by EMSYS to Selco

  • Partner: Selco and EMSYS
  • Students: Brian S Glat, Audrey Pettigrew

INDONESIA & MALAYSIA: Supply chain design: determination of location of facility for insect farming

  • Partner: INSEACT
  • Students: Sophie Li, Harshal Singh, Enuma Mokel, Jaeho Kim

NIGERIA: Supply chain operations: development of system for procurement and inventory management for commodities for pharmaceutical stores

  • Partner: Lifestores
  • Students: Ogbogu Ukuku, Saffron Deasey, Aleena Shabbir

RWANDA: Supply chain evaluation of farmer-promoter initiative to recruit farmers to use Kumwe's logistic services

  • Partner: Kumwe Solutions
  • Students: Crystal Pham, Sarah A Moseson, Grace A Quaratiello

UGANDA: Supply chain planning for family planning services at public health clinics


Instructors - Susan Murcott & Libby Hsu

INDIA: Investigating alternatives to the use of acid in desalination in India to make the process safer and cheaper

INDIA: Improvements to a gasifier used to incinerate human waste, and planning to pilot the use of the gasifier in an Indian market

  • Partner: Insanirator
  • Students: Phillip Dixon, Elliott Donlon, Caroline Ko

KENYA: Working with Maasi women to: 1) build ISSB rainwater harvesting tanks 2) implement a ceramic pot filter marketing strategy based on lean marketing and 3) conduct a 5-day WASH training course to "train the trainers"

  • Partner: Mama Maji
  • Students: Savitri Fouda, Kendyll Hicks, Reika Ishii, Shawn Luo

USA: Devise campus-wide recommendations for municipal water conservation and efficiency strategies and practices across all campus systems and to reduce the need for and demand for bottled water purchases.

Design for Scale

Instructors - Kate Bergeron, Harald Quintus-Bosz, Sorin Grama, Maria Yang

    INDIA: Developing a low-cost respiratory monitor for babies

    • Partner: InSync
    • Students: Harith Morgan, Zoe Wolszon, David Griggs

    INDIA: Developing an actively cooled bag for last-mile deliveries of perishable items

    GLOBAL: Reducing cost, size, and weight of a portable, surgical field that fits in a backpack

    • Partner: SurgiBox
    • Students: Chinh Bui, Carson Tucker, Sandra Walter

    KENYA: Pay-as-you-go gas meter for Kenya

    • Partner: PayGo
    • Students: Sheila Kennedy-Moore, Srimayi Tenali, Titan Hartono

    Technologies for Mental Health and Wellness

    Instructors: Rich Fletcher & Karin Hodges


    Libby Hsu, Lecturer & Academic Program Manager