Request for Proposals 

International Development and Innovation Network (IDIN) microgrants are intended to provide people within the IDIN family with funding for specific tasks that progress the development of their technology, project, or venture. Microgrants typically range between $500 to $2,000.

Download PDF of these guidelines and the application form.

Former IDDS participants and select members of the IDIN Consortium network are eligible to apply for an IDIN microgrant. Funding can be requested to support an IDDS project or any other project in line with IDIN philosophy. Microgrants can be used to build a next generation prototype, conduct a pilot trial, perform market research, test a manufacturing process, hire legal services, or perform other critical tasks that transform your prototype into a product or your project into a venture. 

IDIN will award microgrants, typically from $500 - $2,000, in the following 2 categories:

●    Prototype Development: Funding for concept refinement, testing and prototype development.

●    Venture Development: Funding for venture and business development.

Applicants cannot apply to both categories at the same time. Each application should enable a critical step to move a project forward; once that step is completed, it is possible to apply again. Microgrants may not be used for travel or personal stipends.

Application Guidelines
Applicants must complete the application template (see below) and submit an estimated budget as a separate document. Email complete proposals to by 31 August. Paper copies should be postmarked 31 August 2013 and can be mailed to:

IDIN Microgrants
Attn: Jona Repishti
265 Massachusetts Avenue, N51-332C
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307   

Selection Criteria
We give priority to well-crafted proposals for innovative, scalable and poverty-alleviating technologies and ventures that address basic social and environmental needs. You will be notified if your idea has been selected for an IDIN microgrant by 30 September 2013. Email us at with any questions. 

We look forward to supporting your idea!

Download PDF of these guidelines and the application form.







  •       Who will perform the activity or task? (Limit 25 words)



  •      When will it happen (the timeline for the activity or task)? (Limit 25 words) 



  •      Why is this activity or task important for your project? (Limit 50 words)







  1. 10.        What is the next step for your project after this one is achieved? (Limit 100 words) 










  1. 11.        Has this project been funded in the past?


  • If yes, please tell us who supported it and describe the type of support received. (Limit 50 words)







  • If no, what other sources of funding will you apply for to support this project and for which activities? (Limit 50 words)







  1. What additional support (other than money) does this project need to succeed? For example, technical expertise, mentorship, etc. Be as specific as possible. (Limit 100 words)











  1. We may need to pair up with a local partner to transfer the micro-grant funds. Do you have a relationship with any local organization(s)? If so, which one(s)? (Limit 50 words)










Part 3. Additional Attachments


REQUIRED – Attach an itemized budget of the exact products and/or services covered by this Micro-Grant request. Any relevant price quotes or estimates should be included and must come directly from providers.


Sample budget template (To modify as needed):


Cost in $ (per unit)

Number of units

Total $















OPTIONAL – Attach any letters of commitment from customers, partners, or other relevant stakeholders which shows support for your project.